We realize that each person's employment needs vary; therefore the ERC is committed to providing individualized career planning tailored to each person's specific skills and career desires.

Our Mission

The mission of the Employment Resource Center (ERC) is to develop the employability of individuals so they may secure and retain meaningful career paths. The ERC staff supports and encourages individuals to achieve self-sufficiency and an improved overall quality of life. The vision of the ERC is that one day the unemployment rate within its targeted communities will be zero. Stable employment in a community is necessary for the economy in the community to grow and prosper.

The St. Sabina ERC initiated and developed in cooperation with the City Colleges of Chicago, Kennedy King College, a unique GED program offering clients continuous enrollment dates. Clients who enroll in the GED program can begin classes immediately. Attrition rates between enrollment and class start dates are significantly reduced.

Our Focus

The ERC focuses on preparing people for the workplace. The ERC staff works along with employers, city colleges, and targeted skills development agencies in designing training programs and services that will prepare its clients to be stellar employees - ready to work and eager to serve. The programs are designed to provide the support and training necessary for every client to achieve meaningful employment and take advantage of future career growth opportunities. Equally as important, the program is designed to build up the confidence of each client in their own abilities so that they seek to pursue their careers of choice and not just seek employment for employment sake.

Today, the ERC offers an Employment Resource Services Division and a Universal Resource Center. The Employment Services Division is focused on training clients while also identifying and providing qualified applicants to meet the hiring needs of existing and new businesses. These collaborative efforts with employers reduce the time, costs, and human resource expended during the staffing recruitment and selection process. The ERC has created an employer database with over 200 businesses located in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Through a partnership with a company specializing in tax credit recovery, the ERC encourages businesses to fully leverage tax credits to recoup operational costs by hiring qualified candidates who meet specific eligibility requirements.